Omega Penis Extender

Omega Penis Extender

The Omega Penis Extender is a state of art penis enlargement device developed and tested to be the most effective and comfortable in the market.

Omega Penis ExtenderWith the Omega Extender You Can Choose Between the Strap or Noose

With the Omega Penis Extender, you have a  choice. You can either use their specially designed soft silicone strap or, if you prefer, the classic noose system. Both are included with The Omega Penis Extender. Their specially designed Strap is made from soft medical grade silicone rubber — the most comfortable in the market.

The Omega Extender is manufactured under strict quality-controlled guidelines. The materials that are used are all medical grade and non allergic. The rods are made of high grade stainless surgical steel, The same type of material used to make surgical and dental Instruments. This non-allergic material is also used for rods for broken bones by doctors.

The Omega Penis Extender will:

  • Lengthen your penis,
  • Increase the girth, and
  • Correct curvature

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