This product is no longer available.

We recommend Phallosan Forte, for the highest quality, most comfortable vacuum penis extender on the market.

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The VacADS kit uses same cylinder as Vacextender 3 and its sealing mechanism. The only difference is that it doesn’t come with the base or extender attachments.

VacADS is similar to the Vac Extender, but without the extender base.VacADS Offers the Same Setup as the VacExtender, without the Extender Base

VacADS enlarges and elongates the penis. VacADS can be used:

  • Down the leg (with the leg attachment),
  • As a manual excerciser,
  • As a light hanger (less than 5lb) or
  • Around the neck/shoulder/waist with the included Universal Harness.

The VACADS now comes with a Basic Universal Harness Kit.