VacExtender 3

VacExtender 3 penis extender

The VacExtender 3 has been completely redesigned, taking in user feedback, and making a good extender absolutely amazing! The VacExtender 1 and 2 were known for their comfort compared to anything else on the market. Now, the VacExtender 3 is even more comfortable and, more importantly, a more effective way to pull the internal structure of the penis without the skin stretch.

VacExtender 3 penis extenderlearnmoreThe VacExtender 3 is Even Better Than Ever

The shape of VacExtender 3 cylinder took its cue from the VacHanger line of heavy hanger. Unlike the shape of VacExtender 2 cylinder, which had a straight side wall, the new cylinder design has a flared shape with wider opening that narrow toward the top (inside is different than how it looks outside, its much more pronounced). The reason for wider opening has to do with the new sealing mechanism. The narrow top allows for less head expansion when air is purged, limiting head expansion and fluid buildup.

The flared shape cylinder is also much deeper and wider compared to VacExtender 2, allowing for even largest head size while still giving custom fitment for all as head moves up toward the top of the cylinder. It literally is custom fitted cylinder for any size.

The silicone comfort vacuum ring is completely new and important design concept for Vacuum based Penis Enlargement (PE) device. Instead of using a sealing sleeve as vacuum sealant, the Silicone Comfort Vacuum Ring is used to “plug” up the opening while holding the penis in place.

Features include:

  • Protection and Comfort – Because a Silicone vacuum ring is placed on the Scarline, it protects this highly sensitive area while providing a very comfortable feel.
  • Conform to Shape – The  Silicone Comfort Vacuum Ring moves with the head.
  • Effective Force –  The new Silicone Comfort Vacuum Ring means there’s no skin play at all. This make it much more effective device than anything else out there as it only pulls the head and nothing else.
  • Easy and Highly Configurable – The configurable part is the small extra sleeve, called compress sleeve, that comes with the system. The function of the compress sleeve is to tighten the Silicone Comfort Vacuum Ring on to the head.