Vacu-Tech Penis Pump Systems

Vacu-Tech Penis Pump Systems

Vacu-Tech has been bringing the most reliable penis enlargement equipment to men, for over 25 years.

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Enjoy the Amazing Sensation of Vacu-Tech Penis Pumps

With the Vacu-Tech penis pump systems, you will experience an amazing sensation when you slide into your new smooth, custom sized acrylic cylinder, while being gently & firmly gripped in a perfect seal. When the optimum vacuum level is reached, the airlock-release valve allows you to disconnect the pump, and retains a comfortable and effective vacuum.

Penis vacuum pumps have been used for centuries. Vacu-Tech pioneered the recent advances in technology to bring equipment to the present level of excellence. Following their guidelines, pumping is not only safe but pleasurable and effective.

Vacuum pumping is the most effective method of enlargement. A permanent increase of 1 ½” length and 1 ¾” circumference is not uncommon.

The Vacu-Tech Best Value System is powerful and easy-to-use. This complete system includes:

  • The deluxe SoloPump XL™ with vacuum gauge,
  • A flared cylinder, and
  • Vacu-Tech’s exclusive VacuLube™.


  1. works for me.

    I have been a pumper for over 30 years. This unit has been one of the most important tools I have puchased.

    Mine has lasted for more that 15 years

    The folks at Vacu-Tech are very helpful with any questions you may have.

    I would highly recommend this product.


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