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The Andropenis penis extender is the safest and most effective penis enlargement device on the market today. CE certified in both Europe and Canada, and ISO-certified in the United States, the Andropenis extender has been designed for durability and safety. Using the principle of traction, Andropenis studry participants realized 1.6 inches in increased length and .4 inches in increased girth.


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The Simplest & Most Effective Penis Enlargement Device on the Market!

The Andropenis was developed by Andromedical. Andromedical is a urological laboratory that has been developing penis enlargement treatments for numerous years. Through all of their studies, they’ve found penile extenders to be the most effective, and far safer than alternatives like penis enlargement surgery.

By using the Andropenis, you will see:andropenis unit

  • An increase in erect penis size and
  • An increase in flaccid size.

This CE certified device has been through rigorous testing, to ensure not only its effectiveness, but also safety.

Clinical Testing of the Andropenis

The Andropenis has been clinically tests in both trial and penis enlargement studies. The findings were impressive.

  • 97.5% showed penis enlargement success (PubMed)andropenis gold
  • The average length increase was 1.6 inches (PubMed  &  Nature)
  • The average increase in girth was 0.4 inches (JSM  =  PDF)
  • Not only did gains in length not negatively affect girth, the growth induced by the Andropenis were lasting (PubMed)

Andropenis is a Class 1 Medical Device

Andropenis holds several registrations and certifications. These include:

  • Classified by the European Health Authorities as a Class 1 medical device
  • Classified as a Class 1 medical device, with the CMDCAS of Canada.
  • ISO 9001:2008 quality certified
  • ISO 13485:2003 medical device certified

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Andropenis Works on the Principle of Traction

principle_of_tractionThe traction principle has been used for thousands of years, for body modification, From elongating necks by adding rings to the neck, to placing progressively larger plates in the lip, progressive traction has been proven to be an effective means of permanently changing the size of body parts. Even in modern, Western society, you can see this with the practice of gauging ears.

Traction works thanks to the body’s amazing ability to heal. During traction, micro-tears are created in the tissues. New cellular growth facilitates healing, and adds mass to the tissue. It’s the same process that occurs when you build muscle mass in other areas of your body – like the legs or arms.

Andropenis uses this traction principle to safely encourage new cellular growth. This results in not only a longer but also thicker penis!

How to Use the Andropenis

Using the Andropenis is simple. It comes with a pocket-sized instruction booklet, for easy reference. Also Andromedical provides live medical support, should you have any questions.

Wearing the Andropenis is comfortable and discreet. It’s specifically designed to be worn under your clothes, whether you’re at home, the office, or outside. Sitting, standing and walking around — the Andropenis can easily be concealed. The device is designed to be worn between 4 and 9 hours per day, with breaks when needed.

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