The key to Enlargel’s effectiveness is its unique transdermal delivery system. Enlargel is a transparent, odorless gel that is applied directly to the skin where it is absorbed and begins to work immediately. This targeted approach makes Enlargel much more effective than oral supplements and pills.

The active ingredients in Enlargel are combined in a way that creates a synergistic effect. Many years of research and experimentation have gone into the creation of Enlargel’s proprietary formula.

Enlargel Results Include:download

  •  Larger, Fuller Erections
  •  Increased Libido
  •  Improved Sexual Performance
  •  More Energy
  •  Overall Sexual Health

How Enlargel Works:

  • Is a transdermal exercising lubricant that absorbs directly into the penile tissue.
  • Releases vasodilators that cause individual pores in the penis to dilate and expand beyond normal capacity
  • Releases several Androgen Precursors into the blood stream that prompt the testes to produce testosterone, the hormone primarily responsible for natural penile growth and development.
  • Softens the penile tissue causing it to be responsive to growth-oriented penile exercise





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