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120 Days to a Larger Penis with Erection Fitness

The Erection Fitness 120-Day Plan for Extraordinary Penis Enlargement targets all of the muscles, ligaments, and tissues of the penis key to erection support and orgasm control, their exercise and other methods, caused the tissues within the penis that forced it to grow and expand above normal


Erection Fitness is for All Men Looking to Enlarge Their Penis

With Erection Fitness, you CAN Add Measurable Inches To Your Erection In Just 120 Days. They use the same approach as championship bodybuilders, using progressive overload sequence to add inches to the length and girth of your penis.

All without gadgets, drugs, or surgery!

Guys, don’t be fooled… Because while it’s TRUE – some prescription drugs can improve your overall erection quality and control through increased blood flow to the penile tissues…

…They can only temporarily make your penis look thicker and longer!

Short-term gains of 1/2 to 1 inch may be common for guys who use drugs alone. But…

If You Want To Add 1.5 or 2+ Inches To Your Penis, You Need To Train Like A Bodybuilder!

If You Want To Add 1.5 or 2+ Inches To Your Penis, You Need To Train Like A Bodybuilder!

Train like a bodybuilder with Erection Fitness

This isn’t rocket science:

Bodybuilders don’t create their extraordinary physiques by popping pills and sitting around on their butts all day.

They spend hours at the gym each week, stressing and challenging their bodies to increase their overall muscle mass – and GROW!

So it only makes sense…

If you want to add visible, measurable inches to your penis, you need to exercise and stress the muscles, ligaments, and tissues – because this is what encourages them to STRETCH and GROW!

And that’s why the team at Leading Edge Health along with Mr. A.J. “Big Al” Alfaro, the renowned authority on enlargement exercises, decided to combine our 10+ years experience with male enhancement to create “The Men’s 120-Day Plan for Extraordinary Penis Growth!”

Unlike any other enlargement program you’ll find on the Internet today, it’s founded on…

The Approach of “Progressive Overload”

Inspired by the work of Thomas Delorme, M.D. to rehabilitate soldiers after World War II, “Progressive Overload” will be the secret to your success with penis enlargement.

  It’s based on the principle that…

To increase strength and muscle mass, you must OVERLOAD    the muscles, ligaments, and connective tissues…

…And stimulate your body’s natural adaptive processes!

Bodybuilders use “Progressive Overload” to push their physiques far past the plateaus experienced by the average guy who works out at the gym.

And through research and customer feedback our team at Leading Edge Health has concluded that…

Men who combine the approach of “Progressive Overload” with the right combination of penile stretching and strength training exercises may expect to…

  • See measurable increases in both the LENGTH and WIDTH of your erection!
  • See potential gains of 1.5 to 2+ inches — if you are willing to stick with the exercise program for 3 months or longer!

And even better, you may not just get a LONGER, THICKER penis –  You may even improve your overall sex drive, performance, and orgasm control too!

Erection Fitness Address the Biggest Myth of Growing Your Penis!

Most guys think of their penis as one big muscle.

However, this is wrong.

Your penis is actually made up of a complex network of tissue, muscles, ligaments, veins and arteries.

Erection Fitness promotes cell division to encourage increased strength

So increasing the LENGTH and GIRTH of your penis is about more than just increasing muscle strength…

…You must also stretch and encourage the natural division of cells to make every single one of these elements LONGER!

And that’s why the majority of “Penis Enlargement” exercises you’ll find on the Internet today don’t actually produce the 1.5 to 2+ inch gains that men really desire.

Erection Fitness Targets ALL Of The Muscles, Ligaments, and Tissues Of The Penis Key To Erection Support & Orgasm Control:

Most enlargement exercises you’ll find on the Net target the Puboccocygeus Muscle – also know as the PC muscle. But this is extremely short-sighted!

It would be like you going to the gym, working out nothing but your abs, and expecting to look like Mr. Olympia.

If you want to add really impressive inches to your length, then you must choose a penile workout program that targets all of the muscles, ligaments, and tissues that are key to erection support and orgasm control!


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