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The JELQ device is completely unique and not available anywhere else! The JELQ device uses a unique PWS (Precision Weighting System) that provides a regular, constant pressure along the entire length of the penis.



NOTE: JELQ Device is no longer available. However, we now highly recommend the Power J Gym Jelq Tool.  The superior design of the Power J Gym is even more effective than JELQ Device. 

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The JELQ device is a penis enlargement exercise device that simulates the jelqing method of natural male enhancement. The JELQ device has a proven success rate, with 82% of men reporting a permanent increase in penis size.

Jelqing Made Easy with Better Results

Although jelqing by hand is highly effective, the most common complaint is that it is difficult to perform the man_holdingnumber of repetitions necessary to achieve results. With the JELQ device, penis enlargement does not have to be difficult anymore. The JELQ device makes it easy to safely and effectively exercise your penis.

The JELQ device provides constant pressure along the shaft of your penis, encouraging new tissue growth, cell multiplication, and improved circulation. Regular use of the JELQ device for penile exercise helps to achieve a larger and healthier penis.

Numerous Benefits to Using the Jelq Device

  • Increased Penis Size
  • Improved Sexual Stamina
  • More Libido
  • Harder Erections
  • Improved Confidence

Proven Effective with Noticeable Results 

To prove the effectiveness of the JELQ Device we contacted thousands of our past customers to study how the JELQ Device has worked for them.

We were overwhelmed with the positive response. In all, 380 men participated in the study. The results are outlined below:

  •  380 men participated in the study
  •  82% gained between 0.75 to 2+ inches in erect penis size
  •  Average erect length gain was 1.44 inches
  •  Average erect girth gain was 1.27 inches
Results From Jelq Study


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