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Performer 5 is one of the best ejaculation volume increasing products available. It’s one of the most powerful, proven and effective, ejaculation volume enhancing formulas, for better sex and increased stamina.


Have Mind-Blowing Orgasms and More Ejaculate with Performer5

With Performer5 you’ll:

  • Ejaculate up to 5 times more! For truly masculine orgasms that will leave your partner longing for more.
  • Ejaculate FURTHER and with MORE power!! Let’s face facts, it LOOKS so much manlier to BOTH of you, right?
  • Have mind blowing intense orgasms, which go on and on. Enjoy yourself more and show her how much you are enjoying it!!

Performer5 has the exact nutrients, in the exact quantities needed, for ultimate sexual performance, it actually helps provide 5 times better sexual performance. It includes ALL the nutrients needed to increase the quantity of penis ejaculation, by producing more sperm and semen.

How Does The Perfomer5™ Dual System Help You Ejaculate More?

Simply put, if your body hasn’t got the right nutrients in large enough quantities, your orgasms and ejaculations will be disappointing. Your body simply cannot produce the large amount of sperm and semen needed for eye watering orgasms, unless you have the specific nutrients your body needs, in specific quantities.

And it’s virtually impossible to get the levels you need from your normal diet. images (2)

Performer5™ has these exact nutrients, in the exact quantities needed, to improve your performance and give you more ejaculate far beyond anything you thought possible.

In fact . . . to true Porn Star status!

The Performer5™ Dual System is simple. You have Vit5™ which provides the foundations and essential nutrients you need for intense ejaculation production to happen. You then have the unique Performer5™ supercharged male enhancement and ejaculation volume formula.

With the dual system giving you all the power of specially selected, proven nutrients AND all the core vitamins and minerals you need to turn your body into a sexual powerhouse. The combination of the two systems takes this formula to a whole new level.

You already have some of these nutrients in your body from your diet, but the problem is they are in such small quantities they have little impact upon your ejaculation output.

Combine both of these together and you can achieve up to 5 times more ejaculation.

Mind Blowing Orgasms And Massive Ejaculations

happycoupmxRemember how we previously told you the more concentrated the zinc you consume, the more semen you will produce? Well, here is an interesting fact. With all this increased ejaculate volume, your penis will have to work even harder to push it all out.

With all this extra semen floating around in your prostate, when you orgasm your penis muscles will have to constrict even harder AND for longer to ensure that every milligram of this semen is unleashed… which means an incredibly intense orgasm, every time.

The most important thing to remember is the effect this will have on your self confidence. When you are sexually confident your partner WILL notice AND confidence is a definite turn on to women.


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