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Phallosan is a patented vacuum-protector-system for penis enlargement with new and revolutionary enhancements for a longer penis.


Phallosan for Permanent Penis Enlargement

Phallosan was developed as a means of non-surgical enlargement of the penis. The process is also recommended for the treatment of slight erectile dysfunction, curvature of the penis and retraction penis. Longer periods of use will result in a permanent increase in length and girth and fix penis curvature.

Developed with nearly 15 years of experience as the market leader for orthopedic elongation systems with vacuum technique. Their knowledge on efficacy and comfort enabled the Phallosan team to manufacture PHALLOSAN® forte — the most effective and comfortable penis enlargement device of its kind.

Phallosan Offers Penis Enlargement By Continuous Tension

The effectiveness of PHALLOSAN® forte has been scientifically proven since 2004. PHALLOSAN® forte was mentioned in 2005, in the world’s preeminent scientific journal for urologists Sexual Medicine, on the subject of penis enlargement and in 2009 on the subject of penis curvature.

Studies Show Phallosan’s Effectiveness for Penis Enlargement

Studies show The PHALLOSAN® forte penis extender is effective. That was the conclusion of a clinical study carried out by a German urological clinic. ph-clinical-study (1)

In January 2005, a clinical study of the effectiveness of PHALLOSAN® was carried out under the patronage of Professor Dr. Sohn, Chief Physician at a German urological clinic. The data was collected and evaluated by the clinic’s senior consultant, Dr. Hanikel.

Besides penis length and girth after wearing Phallosan for 6 months, the study also covered sexual behavior, sensitiveness, ejaculation, side effects and much more. The study group included patients aged between 20 and 68 years with:

  • problems following prostate surgery
  • subjective penile deficiency
  • wishing for a larger penis
  • IPP (induratio penis plastica)
  • diabetes

All patients experienced growth in both length and girth. The success of the patients depended very much on the daily wearing time. Patients who had worn PHALLOSAN® up to 10 hours a day experienced the greatest increase. All patients confirmed that PHALLOSAN® could be worn without pain for many hours.

  • Many patients reported enhanced sensitiveness and harder erections without premature ejaculation.
  • After a number of applications patients who had undergone prostate surgery reported that they had abstained from Viagra without loss of erection quality.
  • Diabetics reported enhanced pleasure sensation and harder erections.
  • One patient with incurvate penis was able to reduce the angle of curvature from 60 to 40 degrees within three months.

These results are authentic, true and reproducible at any time. All measurements were taken personally by a urologist in the presence of witnesses.

The painless transmission of forces of the stretch belt is one of the key factors of Phallosan’s success. The same degree of success could hardly be achieved in this short time by stretching apparatus involving slings or loops.

Phallosan Penis Extender Benefits

  • Applicable for any size
  • Integrated suction pump
  • Integriertated measurement of tension
  • Comfortable wear day or night
  • Allergen- free materials
  • Absolute discretion
  • Free consultation

The Phallosan Penis Enlargement Kit Includes:

  • Silicon ring coated with bonded foam rubber
  • Belt buckle, for individual belt adjustment
  • Elastic belt, worn around the waist
  • Clip (free of nickel) for attachment of stretch condom
  • FOUR Stretch condoms for long-term use in 3 sizes (S,M (two come in each package) and L)
  • Protector cap for the glans
  • Pump ball for creating a vacuum
  • Measurement template for condom selection
  • DVD with product description and television feature and operating manual


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