Reaching Your Ultimate Penis Weight Hanging Goal

Reaching Your Ultimate Penis Weight Hanging Goal

This final section concludes the Penis Hanging Guide and provides the reader with tips regarding staying focused and keeping accurate measurement records, as well as addressing the topics of injuries, plateaus, and making your overall gains permanent.

Reaching Your Ultimate Penis Weight Hanging Goal

In order to reach your ultimate goal you will need to take accurate measurements, keep detailed journal log entries, avoid injury, and overcome plateaus.

Accurate Measurements

Keeping accurate measurements will allow you to figure out whether strategies are working with regard to your individual body and penis type, as well as foreshadow your projected success with your ultimate hanging goal. Or, slowing you below your potential to your desired size.

I recommend that several measurements be taken at least monthly so you can effectively correlate your workout hanging routines with your gains. Without taking measurements at least monthly, you may find it difficult to make sense of your progress.

Measurement Terms and Your Hanging Goal

Bone Pressed Erect Length (BPEL) is the ultimate measure for tracking progress towards your hanging goal. However, at times you will not be able to perceive erect length gains even though you truly are making steady progress towards your ultimate hanging goal. Especially with penis hanging, you may at times have a Bone Pressed Erect Length (BPFSL) as much as 1.5” ahead of your BPEL length. This is “huge” to remember!

Eventually most of your BPFSL gains should translate to BPEL gains, although this will not always be the case. Regardless, BPFSL gains are an indicator that you may soon be making some new erect length gains. Tracking your flaccid length, base girth, and mid-shaft erect girth (MSEG) can also help you confirm whether you’re truly making progress with your true hanging goal.

Keeping Detailed Records for a “true” Hanging Goal

In addition to recording your measurements monthly, a detailed log can be an invaluable asset for helping you strategize your hanging routine. Most guys use an Excel spreadsheet (or some equivalent) for tracking routines. I don’t track my Erection Quality (EQ) daily, but it is good to track it every so often. I often add notes when I wake up with morning wood (this demonstrates good penile health).

Example Hanging Goal Spreadsheet Log Entries

  • Date-12-Sep-10
  • Number of Sets and Max Weight-6x sets, 10lbs max
  • Angle of Attack- BTC
  • EQ Level- 9

I then use the “comments” functions in excel to add additional information about my routine. Here’s what I stored for this routine in excel (in the same cell as my number of sets and maximum penis weight):

Example Spreadsheet Comment Entry

Today’s Routine:
Set 1: 7lbs
Set 2: 10lbs
Set 3: 9lbs (drop to 8.5lbs @ 5m left, drop to 7lbs with 3m left)
Set 4: 8.5lbs, drop to 6lbs
Set 5: 7.5lbs, drop to 5lbs
Set 6: 6lbs, drop to 5lbs
100 Kegels, 2x 30 second super-kegels
10 Minutes Light Jelqing

At first, it was difficult trying to figure out what details were worth keeping and what could safely be ignored. I also found it difficult to organize the data. Track your penis hang progress and your routines any way you like.

Your Penis Weight Hanging Goal and Smiting a Plateau

Sooner or later you’ll find you need to change hanging angles in order to keep the gains coming. If you’ve been hanging between the cheeks (BTC) or straight down (SD) for a few months, it might be logical to switch to a higher angle. Some examples of higher angles are over the shoulder (OTS), and straight up (SU). Some other angles are under the leg (UTL) and over the leg (OTL).

At some point you may find disappointing results in spite of changing angles and increasing the penis weight. Assuming you’ve maximized your ligament deformation gains, it may be time to start using fulcrums. The Rice Sock Duct Tape Fulcrum (RSDT) is a good fulcrum to start with once you’re ready.

Deconditioning Break: True Faith in PE…And Your True Hanging Goal

You may reach a point with hanging where in spite of adding weight, changing angles or adding fulcrums, you just can’t seem to gain length any longer. If you have truly tried everything, it may be time for a deconditioning break.

A deconditioning break should last at least 6 to 8 weeks (1.5 to 2 months). When you come back to penis weight hanging, you’ll have to start light since your skin and ligaments will be almost completely deconditioned. Most likely you’ll lose at least a little length, however you will also find that your penis tissues are weaker & less resistant to growth.

A “decon” break should only be used as a last resort since you may lose some of your gains by doing this. However, if you haven’t gained in 6 months (or longer), then you might not lose any gains at all (since you’ve been ‘cementing’ your gains with your continued efforts).


Penis hanging requires a delicate balance. On the one hand, enough force must be used to create damage, but on the other hand, these forces must stay within safely controlled limits. If things get out of control, micro-tears turn to macro tears, and injury results. Numbness, loss of feeling, thrombosed veins, bruising, & cracked skin are just a few examples of common injuries.

Depending on the severity of the injury, you may need to stop hanging completely. If your skin is not broken EVO oil can help, and heating can help as well (e.g. a 10 minute rice sock). While cooling can help, I recommend only 2 minutes of a cold cloth or ice at most.

If ice is used, make sure it does not contact your skin directly (at least some cloth or plastic should always remain between your skin and the ice). Once you’re healed, you can return to hanging. If your injury is serious, don’t hesitate to see your doctor and obtain a clean bill of health.

Make Hanging Goal, and Your Gains Permanent

Once you reach your ultimate goals you can make your hanging length gains permanent. This might only take a few months or it could take as long as 18 months. Keep scaling down your routine intensity and frequency, then take periodic measurements to make sure you’re not losing your gains.

If you lose some gains, you can go back to penis hanging considerations more intensely until the gains are restored. Once the gains return, you can scale down your routine once again. Rinse & repeat this process until your gains are permanent.

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