Big Al’s Personal Routine, Effective Girth Enlargement & More: Ask the Experts

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penis measureBig Al, of, answers questions about his personal routine he used for enlargement, what is more effective for girth enlargement – high repetition jelqing or cock ring jelqing, dealing with larger than you ex-boyfriends, and more.

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Q1. Hey, Big Al, I have a few questions. First off,…

…what did you do to make your awesome gains?

Big Al: I did something similar to the basic routine for about a month, then a precursor to the “Jelq Free” routine for about 2 months. LOTS of high EQ stamina work as well. I made sure to feel the tissues expanding each session. It’s my opinion that maximizing EQ is vital to maximizing size gains.

Q2. How long did you train?

Big Al: For enlargement, I trained for about 12 weeks total.

Q3. In your opinion, what is the routine…

… that works the best for most trainees? 

Big Al: In my opinion, for beginners, the basic routine (found in meCoach), works best. For most newer advanced routines, the “Jelq Free” routine is the best route.

Q. Which do you think is more effective for girth,…

…high rep jelqing (in the hundreds daily) or cock ring jelqs?

Big Al: The drawback with cock ring jelqs is no new blood gets infused into the penis, though you might get more compression. You might try wearing it loosely to allow some blood to get through. While a cock ring might be more effective immediately, I think the high rep jelqs (especially with a higher degree of erection) is better overall.

Q. Here is the reason my confidence in the bedroom is a bit shaken at the moment. I am dating this new girl…

…who is amazing and I want to be the best I can be for her. I know she didn’t mean anything by it, but recently I found out her old boyfriend was quite a bit larger than me. After thinking about it, I realized  she really doesn’t comment on my penis much, and I wonder if her old boyfriends size is why. Before I found out about her previous boyfriend, I really didn’t have much of a confidence issue in bed, but I think this girl is the one for me, and I want to be the best she’s ever had. I haven’t been able to get over this, so I want to do something about it, since I think my girl would like a bigger unit.

Big Al: Your situation is not uncommon, and stressing out over the penis size of another man (especially one who she’s not with anymore) is a dangerous precedent to set. The pattern you are setting up for yourself is one where you may easily develop performance anxiety. It’s going to be hard, but the way around that is to defuse the fear/anxiety you feel by not entertaining these thoughts.

All you can do is what you’re doing now. If that goes unappreciated, then the issue doesn’t lie with you. It’s also important to perform your exercises without any resentment- towards yourself or your girlfriend. Resentment towards yourself is going to make your training experiences negative ones, and it’s going to create problems with your girlfriend as you’re doing this because you perceive her to not be satisfied with you.

Kimberly’s Response: The reason your new girlfriend may not comment on your penis, is simply it’s just not something she ever would comment – even if you were hung like a horse.  I mean, I’m not a shy person — look what I do for a living. 😉 But, in all of my experience, I have never once said anything along the lines of, “Oh my! What a magnificent penis you have!” despite having been in the presence of some truly wonderful penises. It’s just not even in my wheelhouse.

Unless your girlfriend has said, “Wow, is that it?” or you know for a fact that she has previously sung high praises of her ex’s penis, I think you may be worrying yourself over nothing.  Also, you really need to have some open communication with this girl. You “think” she’d like a bigger unit… but, you know what they say about when we assume things. If this girl may be “the one,” honest communication now is going to build a much more stable relationship for the future.

Now, should you work on penis enlargement? Absolutely! You’re clearly not happy with your size, so PE is definitely something you should pursue.  BUT, as with all self-improvement, you should do it for yourself – not anyone else.  BIG THANKS TO BIG AL FOR ALLOWING ME TO CHIME IN HERE!

Q. I’m aware I’m probably a hard gainer…

…(perhaps mixed with the fact that I over-trained before), which is ok, I’ll just keep it up for however long and steady it takes. However, my flaccid gains have been very good during these past months, which I’ve read is an indicator of some erect gains coming up.

Big Al: The label “hard gainer” is one that should be taken carefully. I prefer to think you’re still seeking the optimal training format. Over-training can ruin the progress of even the most genetically-gifted trainees.