Side Fowfer

Side Fowfer Penis Enlargement Exercises

Step-by-step instructions of the penis enlargement exercise — Side Fowfer.

Side Fowfer Video

Note: This video contains nudity and is NSFW.

Side Fowfer Step-by-Step

Side fowfer penis enlargement exercises







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Videos provided by personal trainer and Male Enhancement Coach, AJ “Big Al” Alfaro.


  1. I am not sure how to do this exercise. I thought it was easy to do by tucking the genitals under like in the video. I did this but couldn’t fall asleep. Doesn’t his exercise only work while sleeping and sideways? Will it work if I’m just sitting?

  2. I think this Fowfer is one of the best exercises out there. I have used it for “years”, and I do it every, single night. I go to bed, tuck it right or left and on my side, strighten out my legs and go to sleep. If I wake, automaticly change sides, and off to sleep again. I have gained a couple inches flaccid doing this. It is a good one! You will get into a routine to make it work for you.

  3. I get what he’s doing, apparently i do this all the time and didnt realize it was an exercise. That explains the “gains” i couldnt explain lol.

    however, what type of gains does this give? Length or girth? How long should this be done for? How many sets? How many days a week? Do you apply pressure or body weight? Come on, more than a video is needed