Penis Enlargement Exercise: Side-to-Side Stretch

Side-to-Side Stretch Penis Exercise

Step-by-step video instructions of the penis enlargement exercise: Side-to-Side Stretch.

Penis Enlargement Exercise: Side-to-Side Stretch Video

Penis Enlargement Exercise: Side-to-Side Stretch Step-by-Step

Side-to-side stretch penis enlargement exercise

Step of side-to-side stretch penis enlargement exercise








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  1. I know each rep is when you return back to starting point, but how long should a rep be? I don’t know whether the guy in the video is doing it slowing for our sake or if that’s how fast you should be going anyway.

    And do you include the pulling it forward movement or is it only side-to-side?

  2. Your penis should be flaccid for this exercise, though some degree of erection os OK and probably inevitable.

    If you don’t see any results with this exercise after 4 weeks, you should either try a different movement or review your training regimen to see if you’re challenging yourself properly with this exercise.