Six Penile Cancer Symptoms You Need to Pay Attention To

penis cancer incidence

penis cancer incidenceCancer of the penis (penile cancer) is probably one of the least talked about cancer types, but can be just as deadly as other cancers. For this reason, like with all cancers, the sooner you get to a doctor and start treatment, the better. Let’s look at six symptoms you should pay attention to, because they may be warning signs of penile cancer.

  1. A Sore or Growth on the Penis – If you see a sore or wart-like growth on your penis, and it doesn’t heal after a week, it’s time to see a doctor. Although this may be something non-life threatening, it could be a symptom of an STD or penis cancer.
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  2. Other Changes of the Penile Skin – The skin of the penis is often the first sign of penis cancer, so if you see any changes to your penis’s skin, see your doctor. These include: red, velvety rash, crusty bumps or flat, bluish to brown lumps.
  3. Bleeding from the Penis – If you experience bleeding from the penis, this could be a sign of cancer. Or it may be something less severe, such as a urinary tract infection or STD. Either way, it’s definitely a symptom that should be looked at by your doctor immediately.
  4. Bleeding from under the Foreskin – This may also be a sign of penile cancer. In addition to bleeding, if there’s a foul-smelling discharge coming from your foreskin, or you find it hard to draw your foreskin back from your glans – see a doctor.
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  5. Penile Swelling – Swelling at the end of your penis is another symptom that should be looked at by your physician immediately.
  6. Groin Area Lumps – If penis cancer spreads, it often first spreads to the lymph glands located in the groin area. This can then often be felt as lumps under the skin. However, swelling of lymph nodes may also mean your body is responding to an infection. Either way, a trip to the doctor is definitely needed.
    Penile Cancer lymph nodes.

Although penile cancer is not common, any changes in your penis’s health should be cause for your concern. If anything strange appears, see your doctor. It’s better that you go to the doctor and it be nothing, then not go and miss out on early treatment.