The Slippery Slope of Pornography and the Negative Effects on Male Enhancement


Porn_A30CBM_2961490bPornography is one of those topics where I can argue both sides. In a respectful relationship, it can be a fun, occasional diversion to add spice in your sex life. For adults not in a relationship, it can be an aid in sexual release. However, as Benjamin Franklin said —

All things in moderation.

For pornography, when moderation is not in play, the negative effects can be damaging. There are even some negative effects when porn is used only once.

This article seeks to explore these negative effects of pornography. As I mentioned, I am not completely against pornography. This is also not an all-encompassing list. This is a discussion, and as with all discussions, it becomes more valuable when others join in and express their opinions. Please take a moment and post in the comments below: What do you think about porn? Do the benefits outweigh the negatives?

Just Once

I won’t include the damage pornography can do to children who stumble upon it (either accidentally or on purpose), in this discussion. However, even for adults, viewing pornography even just once, can have a negative effect.

  • Self-Esteem – Porn actors are often chosen (and not so surprisingly) for their above average penis size, as well as their general physical attractiveness. As with uber-thin, waifish runway models giving women a poor body image, super-hung porn stars can have the same effect on men. If a man has little to no experience of what other men’s penises look like, seeing porn dicks can be really mess with a guy’s self-esteem.
  • Unrealistic Sexual Expectations – The scenarios played out in porn often are unrealistic, at best. Multiple takes and strategic editing can set guys up for unrealistic stamina expectations. Not to mention positions meant for good camera angles not sexual pleasure! Additionally, porn has led some men to believe that that is what women want. When they can’t live up to the fantasy, it compounds that negative effect on their self esteem.
  • Unrealistic Partner Expectations – Just as pornography may cause men to have unrealistic expectations about themselves, it can also cause them to have unrealistic expectations about their partner. Not only the physical attributes of their partner, but what their partner is going to allow/enjoy, and even how their partner reacts during sex.

Slippery Slope

As with many stimulants (and, yes, pornography is a sexual stimulant), when consumed in quantity, it can lead to desensitization. This can lead to a need for more extreme porn, when you don’t get the same sexual thrill with the same type of pornographic scenarios.

What can be even worse is this escalating need for more extreme sexual situations to get fulfillment can flow over into your real life, causing you to not be able to be satisfied with sex with your partner. Oftentimes, this can even lead to not wanting to have sex with your partner at all.

Pornography and Male Enhancement

I’ll go back to the analogy of porn and male anatomy and runway models and female anatomy. Just as a woman idolizing the often unhealthy runway model physique isn’t necessarily the healthiest way to make changes to her body, the same is true of of men and the desire to emulate porn stars for male enhancement may not be the most positive route.

Additionally, this stress can lead to adversarial relationships with women. Men may think that porn represents what all women want. When men set sometimes unrealistic goals to reach “porn star level” in male enhancement, they can feel angry toward women – ruining relationships in the process, as well as destroying a man’s self-confidence.