Stamina Exercises Edition: Ask The Experts


Stamina Exercises Edition: Ask The Experts

Big Al, of, answers questions about stamina exercises.

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Q. I see you always recommend Stop and Starts at the end of a workout, but I’m already getting lots of the regular sex.

Do I still have to perform the Stop and Starts?

Al: As per the 60 Minute Rule outlined in the Stamina Exercises section, if you’re getting regular sexual activity you can offset some or even all of your manual Stop and Starts requirements.

The Stop and Starts is for developing EQ, ejaculatory control, erectile strengthening and also aids in enlargement especially when performed at the end of a full session. This also applies to sexual activity.

Q1. I’ve topped off at more than 50 repetitions of the Erect Kegels as recommended in your beginner routine.

What can I do next?

Al: Please look over the Towel Raises and Super Kegels exercise in the “Stamina Exercises” section. The next step for you would be to test out the Towel Raise with one set of 10 reps with a moderately weighted towel, and 2 reps of the Super Kegel at UP TO 100 seconds per rep.

The above would be done IN LIEU of the standard Erect Kegels in your routine.

Q2. I looked over the Towel Raises and Super Kegels but don’t really want to do them.

What are alternatives?

Al: You can continue to perform the standard Erect Kegels for more reps, and/or you can begin to SLOWLY add more intensity to your contractions, over time.