Stretching After Surgery, After Light Jelqs, Reverse Stop and Starts: Ask The Experts


Stretching After Surgery, After Light Jelqs, Reverse Stop and Starts: Ask The Experts

Big Al, of, answers questions about stretching after surgery, what to do after training with light jelqs, and when you use the Reverse Stop and Starts.

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Q. I plan on having penis lengthening surgery soon…

but I want to know if I can still gain length doing stretches after the procedure.

Al: In my opinion, the surgical option should be a final option. If you do plan on going forward with a surgery it’s important for you to research the procedure fully. If there are no other issues after a surgery then you should actually stand to gain MORE length with a severed ligament.

What IS vital is that you ensure said ligament doesn’t reattach itself to your pubic bone. Your doctor should prescribe a regimen of light hanging or extending after your surgery to ensure this doesn’t happen. Also, it should be noted that a surgery of this type will force you to be out of commission sexually for 6 weeks. Other issues such as nerve damage and problems with healing can present themselves.


Q. I’ve been doing light jelqs and stamina work for a few weeks now.

They’re working great but I feel the need for more of a challenge. What would be the next best step to take?

Al: The next step would be to raise slightly the level of force used with the jelqs. The level of erection should be raised over time as well- though this tends to shift more of the growth emphasis towards girth.

If after an acceptable period there isn’t satisfactory growth due to a lack of intensity, we can look into more challenging movements. This may require splitting the enlargement portions of your workout to individually targeted length and girth exercises.


Q. I’ve been working out with male enhancement exercises for some months now but I have the opposite problem a lot of guys have.

Instead of ejaculating too quickly, it takes me a looong time and a lot of effort to orgasms. This might be from masturbating to porn for long periods of time. What can I do to fix this?

Al: If you’re having issues with porn use, please review the following: The Detraining Effect: Understanding and Reversing Negative Habits To Improve Erection Quality and Sexual Confidence

You can perform the “reverse” Stop and Starts to decrease your time to the PONR. The Reverse Stop and Starts is performed using an extremely light grip and attempt to ejaculate as quickly as possible. That should help to reset your sensory threshold.

Caution- it won’t take many of these sessions to reset your sensory threshold!