Success Stories 2

Written by: Rob Michaels

Penis Pumping Techniques

penis pumping techniquesIn this second installment, we shall take a look at how penis pumping can be extremely beneficial when combined with a solid manual penis enlargement routine. We’ll discuss various penis pumping techniques, an outline of a typical manual/pumping routine, and …

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Lasting Longer

iStock_000010040258XSmall-lasting longer at sexThis article discusses a common sexual hindrance amongst many men; cumming too fast, A.K.A premature ejaculation. This article helps offer a simple solution for men that struggle with premature ejaculation; The Kegel exercise, and gives an in depth but simple …

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8 X 6: The Clive Peters Story

8x6-the-clive-peters-storyClive Peters, author of How to Maximize Your Manhood, describes how he became involved in penile enhancement and his journey from curiosity to belief and commitment.  Working toward (and reaching!) his penis growth goals has added spice to his marriage, …

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Big Penis Tools

big-penis-toolsPenis Enlargement won’t happen overnight, but by building up a toolkit of resources from others who have learned the secrets to success, you too will soon achieve a bigger penis and a richer life.

My Story – From Hope to Conviction

aaron-storyI had the largest grin on my face. I put down the ruler and marked down 4/10 of an inch next to the length added column and 1/10 next to girth added  bringing the total gain to two inches …

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