Super Kegels, Erection Percentage Ranges & Length to Girth Ratio of Gains: Ask The Experts


Super Kegels, Erection Percentage Ranges & Length to Girth Ratio of Gains: Ask The Experts

Big Al, of, answers questions about the Super Kegels exercise, erection percentage ranges and the ratio of length to girth gains.

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Q. I’ve recently graduated to doing Super Kegels.

I don’t quite understand how to progress with them. What constitutes failure with this exercise?

Al: For the Super Kegels, each rep is 100 seconds long. Once you achieve 100 seconds with a rep, you can start a new rep at ~10 seconds- then attempt to add 5-10 seconds to that last rep each session.

You achieve temporary “failure” when your PC gives out, not if your erection falters. You can continue to stimulate yourself DURING the exercises as needed- provided you don’t interfere with the form of the movement.

Q. It’s very hard to stay precisely at 70% erect for my jelqs.

How do I do this?

Al: You should be looking at the 70% figure as an AVERAGE. To best prep for a specific target erection percentage: aim to stat at 10% above your target- e.g.: 80% if you’re targeting a 70% average. From there, train until your erection drops to 60%. You can refresh from there. This gives you a range of 60 to 80%, or 70% average.

Q. It’s been said girth is harder to gain than length…

Is this true?

Al: The expected ratio of length to girth gains is roughly 2:1- though (of course) most men will have an advantage of one over the other. From a technical aspect, girth gains are more difficult to induce.

That being said- and on an inch by inch basis- using the formula for measuring a cylinder shows girth gains contribute more to total penile volume when comparing gains made via circumference as compared to length gains.