The 3 Best Penis Exercises for Girth

3 Best Penis Girth Exercises

3 Best Penis Girth ExercisesWhen you hear “penis enlargement” most people immediately think of increasing penis length.  However, most men don’t just want a longer penis – they want a thicker penis.

Here are our top 3 best penis exercises for increasing your penis’s girth!

#1 Penis Exercise for Girth: The Compressor

As the name implies, the Compressor uses compression to get girth expansion width-wise on the penis. Small bends are made along the penile shaft, in this penis exercise, to increase girth. Check out these resources for full details on how to properly do the Compressor:

#2 Penis Exercise for Girth: Horse Squeeze

The Horse Squeeze is a unique, two-handed version of the jelq. This penis exercise fills the penis with blood to expand the girth. Check out how to do the Horse Squeeze, complete with video instructions, here:

#3 Penis Exercise for Girth: ULI Bend

The Uli is one of the simplest penis girth improvement exercises. However, when done correctly, it can be very effective in helping you get to your girth goals. Check out written instructions, plus two videos on exactly how to do the Uli: