The Importance of Stamina Work

Importance of Stamina Workout Penis Enlargement Exercises

This article helps to encourage the reader to understand the importance of stamina exercises and how they are part of a “complete and balanced” Penis Enlargement exercise routine.

Importance of Stamina Workout Penis Enlargement Exercises

What is Stamina Work?

Kegels, Towel Raises, Stop and Starts, Edging, and the like- some of you may recognize these penis exercises as being useful for developing sexual stamina. Often, these exercises are treated as an afterthought- something to be done after an penis enlargement workout. What should be realized is that these exercises are the most important part of your male enhancement routine and should be treated as such.

What Can Stamina Work Add to Your Gains?

Stamina exercises are very important in helping to maximize sexual health fitness. They tone and strengthen the PC and BC muscles and penile circulatory system, create harder and longer lasting erections (EQ), help improve penile blood flow, aid in recuperation (especially important if you’re doing penis enlargement exercises), and may also aid in plugging up venous leaks.

Starting Stamina Work

These exercises are often done at the end of an enlargement routine, and for good reason. Doing these exercises after a Penis Enlargement session keeps the penile tissues expanded for a longer period. When you combine that with the effects noted in the last paragraph, you begin to see how stamina work is vital to maximum penile development.

Added Benefits of Incorporating Stamina Sessions

Some men that have done stamina exercises exclusively have even noticed measurable size gains due to the reversal of disuse! If you’ve been suffering from Erectile Dysfunction or are prone to premature ejaculation, stamina exercises will, in addition to developing penile fitness, help you develop control- you’ll be able to last longer and won’t be so prone to losing control once you feel the approach of an orgasm (commonly referred to as PONR- Point Of No Return).

A Word of Caution as Relates to Beginning Stamina Work

As with any form of exercise, you should get a thorough check up to ensure that there won’t be any issues when you start your stamina routine. Some men make the mistake of starting off with hundreds of reps done throughout the day- simply because this is a very convenient method of performing these penis exercises.

We advise against this approach until you have adapted yourself to being able to handle that kind of workload. Start slowly and well within your abilities and add intensity and reps over time in subsequent workouts. You do NOT want to over-train on these exercises!

If you’re short on time or just don’t have the inclination or ability to do too much in the way of exercises for your sexual well being, do stamina work. It’s the best thing that you can do for your penis!

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  1. Is the penis enlargement solutions also help the the persons of age more than 45 years, and get more stamina.

  2. Stamina is critical. If you don’t have it, you can’t even get an erection. Once you realize the power of PE and you start to grow your penis, its easy to forget the importance of stamina.

    All of the exercises Big Al is talking about can help you improve the strength of your BC muscle and in turn, result in a harder, and sometimes even bigger erection.

    Stamina work is the single best way to prevent ED (erectile dysfunction). A pill (like Viagra) is a poor solution for something that only takes a limited amount of time during your week. Stamina work can be done while you’re watching TV or doing the laundry…

  3. I’d like to see links to each of the stamina exercises referred to in the article. Obviously, there’s no visual link to Kegels, but for the others, I’d like to learn the technique with visual aids. Good article, though, and an important reminder.

  4. Great Article Big Al!

    This article was just what I needed to remind me to also stay focused on the little things for big gains!

    This article is a wealth of knowledge as well as highly motivating!

    Great job!

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