The Multiple Male Orgasm

multiple male orgasm

The point of this article is to describe what Male Multiple Orgasm (MMO) means, and to provide specific guidance for men wishing to learn how to have these types of orgasms.


Practice solo Dry Orgasms to gain further control over your Dry Orgasm ability, but don’t be afraid to try out your new skills with a partner, too. Just as it took a while to learn how to have a Dry Orgasm solo, it may take a while for you to be able to have a Dry Orgasm and/or be able to Multiple Male Orgasm successfully during actual sex.

Telling your partner what you are trying to achieve may help, since they can be responsive to your need to stop stimulation at a certain point. But whatever you do, remember to enjoy yourself and your new skills!


MMO (male multiple orgasm) is the ability to achieve more than one orgasm from a single erection. Some men that are capable of the multiple male orgasm can have as many orgasms as they wish during a single session of sex. Becoming capable of MMO seems to require that a man first learn how to achieve DOs.


The practice of DO and MMO has until recently been largely confined to mystic religious and philosophical traditions such as Taoism and Tantra. Unfortunately, the language used in these practices tends to be mystic and often incomprehensible to the uninitiated, and some of the exercises prescribed by these movements may be irrelevant for the purpose of DO.

Luckily, achieving a Dry Orgasms and ability to Multiple Male Orgasm does not require a mystical approach. It is generally accepted by non-mystic practitioners that the path to the ability to Multiple Male Orgasm includes many steps including learning how to have DOs. Some men seem to be able to skip some steps, but the basic progression of skills follows this general pattern.


1) Build up your PC/BC muscles through practicing kegel exercises. This is important because these muscles can allow you to stop your ejaculation.

2) Learn about your PONR (Point Of No Return) through edging. To achieve DO/MMO you need to have a good feel for how your body feels and responds to stimulation as you approach and pass the PONR.

3) Learn to use your PC/BC muscles to stop your ejaculation by kegeling at the PONR. This may result in partial ejaculations during the learning process.

4) Achieve the ability to Dry Orgasm (DO)– in other words, to have an orgasm without ejaculating.

5) Maintain an erection after a Dry Orgasm. This requires practice since your mind may think you’re done after the orgasm, even though you have not ejaculated.

6) Achieve a second orgasm after the first DO without loss of erection. This can be either
a wet orgasm or another DO. If you can have two orgasms in a row without losing your erection, you are Multiple Male Orgasm capable!

7) Learn to have as many Dry Orgasms as you like. Usually this is first achieved solo (without a partner) because it is easier to control stimulation levels.

8) Learn to have multiple orgasms with a partner. This is the ultimate Multiple Male Orgasm goal – to be able to have as many orgasms as you like, or your partner can stand, every time you have sex! At this point you are officially a Sex God.


There are many methods for developing the muscular strength and control necessary for DO/MMO. Each individual must experiment to learn what works best for him, and to become familiar with his own body, orgasms, PONR, and what sorts of stimulation trigger orgasm and ejaculation. However, almost everyone agrees that strong PC/BC muscles are necessary.

Kegel exercises are the key to increasing PC/BC muscle strength. A thoughtful and sustained program of kegel exercises (see Kegel Exercises for Enhancing the Penis) is an important first step on the path to DO/MMO.

However, it is important that control be practiced at the same time as you are working on muscle strength. Some men find that uncontrolled and often unconscious kegel contractions may speed the orgasm/ejaculation process, and thus may cause premature ejaculation.


Strengthening the kegel muscles without increasing control can lead to this problem. This is one reason why edging should be practiced by men working to build their PC/BC muscles. If stamina is a concern for you, see

It is also important to avoid over-training the PC/BC muscles to the point that you have
a hard time relaxing them, or develop spasms. To avoid this you need to include reverse kegels in your workouts. Your goal should be to develop strong, well-controlled pelvic floor muscles.


Once you have your PC/BC muscles in good shape, you can get serious about developing the ability to dry orgasm. To do this you need to become very familiar with your own orgasms and the point of no return (PONR) at which ejaculation becomes inevitable.

In the early stages of DO/MMO training, you should acquaint yourself with the PONR through stop/start Edging. At first you should try to build up the time spent in each edging session so as to increase basic stamina. The next step is to try and get as close as possible to the PONR as many times as possible in a given session.

Don’t worry about having accidents and cumming by mistake – it is all part of the learning process. As you practice edging, concentrate on how your body feels and what actions (changes in stimuli, muscle contractions, breathing) move you closer to orgasm or help you back away from it. Get to know everything you can about your own PONR.

Practice, practice, practice!

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