The Zen of PE (from The Ultimate Guide To Male Enhancement)


The Zen of PE (from The Ultimate Guide To Male Enhancement)

The following is a chapter taken from the book: The Ultimate Guide To Male Enhancement.

By Rockitman

How a young man looked for a bigger penis and along the way found strength of character.

A young man comes to PEGym dejected, rejected and down and out. Maybe it was the girlfriend who bragged about the anaconda her former lover had in his pants, or he’s inexperienced and had some ‘performance anxiety’ his first time out of the chute. Maybe it’s just his mental-image of his penis is frozen in time from when he was 10 years old. Whatever the reason, he came here looking for something: a bigger, better penis.

Of course,everyone knows a bigger penis cures ALL of a man’s woes, right?

So he lurks some websites and lands here at PEGym, launches into the JP-90 beginner’s routine with all the faith and diligence that he can muster, stretching and Jelqing with textbook precision and form. He learns what BPEL means, and has reverse Kegels down to a science. Along the way he trades techniques, experiences, his opinion on women and even a joke or two with kindred souls on the forums. He then makes some modest gains in a few months; strengthens muscles he REALLY didn’t know he had and enjoys the enhanced sexual performance that comes with it.

Our intrepid young man is now well-versed in the advanced techniques of PE and he’s made some gains. Granted, he’s not slinging his member over his shoulder, but the results of his efforts are somewhat noticeable, even if only to himself. By now he’s an old hand at PE and is giving advice to others, gaining him a slew of rep-points and a certain degree of respectability among those in the forums. This newly-found confidence has permeated other aspects of his life: at work or school, people comment “you changed your hair-style, didn’t you?” or “Are you working out?” (plead the 5th on that one!) Girls begin to notice him more.

It’s gotta be that new bulge in his jeans from the inch he gained in length and the quarter inch in girth from almost a year if PE, right? Or maybe it’s the fact that our hero achieved a goal he set for himself, or maybe he hasn’t quite achieved it yet, but he’s well on his way there.

Much like the kid who got picked on one-too-many times in school and joins a dojo to learn martial arts to become a Grand Master as an adult, he transcended even the actual physical aspect of PE and found that the answer was not in his penis, but in his character. Whether its building a better penis, becoming adept at self-defense, able to run long distances, there comes a point in which a diligent and conscientious practitioner of almost any endeavor of “superficial” self-improvement transcends the physical aspect itself, and he finds strength, not just in the physical sense, but psychologically and spiritually as well.


The Ultimate Guide to Male Enhancement