Top 9 Penis Enlargement Questions – #1 Does Penis Enlargement Work?

top penis enlargement questions

top penis enlargement questionsPEGym has been helping men reach their penis enlargement goals for more than a decade. Over those years, there are definitely questions we get over and over. We understand how confusing male enhancement can be, when you’re first starting out. So, let’s take a look at some of our most common penis enlargement questions!

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Question 1: Does Penis Enlargement Really Work?

Does penis enlargement really work? – is probably the most common question we get via e-mail, PM and on the forums. It’s not surprising, given the skepticism about the male enhancement industry, as well as the snake oil salesmen out there just looking to make a buck off of guys who want nothing more than improve themselves and their sex lives.

The short answer to this question is —

Yes, penis enlargement really works.

You can check out our Success Forum to read accounts from thousands of members

who have achieved success.

However, like any exercise program, there are definitely components needed to get the results you want. These include:

  • Consistency
  • A proper penis enlargement program
  • Proper frequency and intensity
  • Time

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