Top 9 Penis Enlargement Questions – #9 How Big is too Big for a Penis?

top penis enlargement questions

top penis enlargement questionsPEGym has been helping men reach their penis enlargement goals for more than a decade. Over those years, there are definitely questions we get over and over. We understand how confusing male enhancement can be, when you’re first starting out. So, let’s take a look at some of our most common penis enlargement questions!

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Question 9: How Big is Too Big for a Penis?

Once you’ve started seeing results, you’re probably going to be wondering how big is too big, when it comes to a penis. Most men want to know this from a woman’s perspective.

It’s important to first understand the size of the vagina, so I always encourage guys to read this —

A Little Bit About Female Anatomy: AKA How Big is the Vagina?

Then, consider what you’re willing to do for potential partners.

If you’re significantly larger than the average penis size, this means you’re going to have to consider a few things when have sex, if you want your partner to enjoy your large size.

  • You’re likely going to need more foreplay.
  • You might need extra lubrication.
  • You’ll likely need to go slowly at first, when having sex.
  • You’ll have to control your depth during intercourse – very few women like to have their cervix hit.
  • If you become extremely large, it may be difficult for your partner to perform oral sex.

Of course, the most important, when it comes to penis enlargement, is that YOU are happy with your size. So, that should be your guideline – when you feel comfortable in your own skin.