Two Phase Approach To Eliminating Fear/Hesitation And Developing Efficiency


Two Phase Approach To Eliminating Fear/Hesitation And Developing Efficiency

A Jimmy Bond article

A good amount of credit goes to Al for this article. He worked with me on putting this together.

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There are two very powerful methods to help master fears. These methods are desensitization and counterconditioning.

Desensitization deals with the negative phase where the main goal is to reduce anxiety. During this phase, exposure is attempted. This is where to you attempt to approach the scenario of your anxieties in a progressive manner.

Here’s a good example of this at work: If you have performance anxiety for certain sexual acts (for example: penetration) you would engage in nonthreatening foreplay activities only for the time being. As you get more comfortable and allow your libido to build to the point to where it begins to effectively counteract potential anxieties, then attempts are made to engage in activities which have previously caused anxiety.

It’s important during this phase to work with a trusted partner so you have confidence with the process.

An effective tactic to use when you begin to feel anxiety is to reroute your mind to focus on your breathing. This will allow you to center yourself emotionally. A great exercise which incorporates this is the Emotional Visualizations movement.

Counterconditioning deals with the positive phase where the goal is maximizing efficiency. For this phase, more challenging movements/activities are undertaking to increase sexual ability. These include targets of greater hardness, stamina and ejaculatory control. At this stage, Emotional Visualizations are used only as needed (for when you feel distracted or begin to get pangs of anxiety).

The focus of this phase should be on deepening the level of emotional comfort to the point to where you become completely uninhibited and are able to fully enjoy the experience with all of your senses. This also allows a deep connection with your sexual partner, resulting in a much more intense experience.

The essence of how both of these phases are done can apply for a lot of life’s activities where you might feel inhibited due to anxiety.