Unassisted A-Stretch Penis Exercise


The A-Stretch is a type of “fulcrum” stretch. Fulcrum stretches are considered excellent for targeting the shaft for length- as opposed to the basal ligaments. This stretch is best performed with the penis in a flaccid state.

This exercise requires the use of both hands.

Unassisted A-Stretch Penis Exercise Video Instructions


The Exercise:

Step 1: .Hand 1: Grip the penis an inch below the glans and pull straight out.  Be sure to retract any skin away from the glans before setting your grip.

Step 2. Hand 2: Place your arm underneath the stretched penis.

Step 3. Hand 2: Grab the wrist of arm 1. (For more force, push upwards with your entire arm.)

Step 4. Hold for 20-30 seconds for each repetition.

The recommend beginning repetition count for this exercise is 5.

You can use an implement like a can to perform the “Assisted” version of this exercise.


  1. The shaft is considered more difficult to grow than merely extending the ligaments.

    With ANY good stretching movement, you’ll want to feel the ligaments at the base being stretched. As the exercise progresses, the shaft itself should be felt elongating.

  2. Is it true that shaft lengthening takes a longer time than the lengthening of ligaments? That it’s even harder?

    I’m asking this because the stretching of the base didn’t yield any results for me (at least manually). So I’m interested in trying to focus more on shaft lengthening, maybe that’ll work better.