What is the PEGym?


PEGym.com is a free male sexual health site with up-to-date information on penis enlargement, penile exercising, and more.

The PEGym was created in 2005 to hold the penis enlargement survey results. Shortly after the site’s launch, the site founder decided to quit his job and take out a loan in an effort to help change the current state of how the world views the words “penis exercising.”

The PEGym.com quickly turned into a complete database for penile exercising, male sexual improvement, and penis enlargement under the belief that:¹

  • Every man should have access to organize, easy-to-read information on penis enlargement.
  • More scientific studies, experiments, and surveys need to be done on the effects of penile exercising.
  • The world should know the truth about penis enlargement.

Our core team, community, and many members help keep the content on PEGym.com up-to-date with the most scientific and accurate information.  Simply put, this site would not be possible without the help of many contributors.

¹From 2005-2007, PEGym.com was known as ExercisingThePenis.com
Read our About Us page for more information on PEGym and our key contributors.

See our penis wiki of glossary terms for the lingo used on this site and in the penile exercising community.


  1. Great article. Note: “Every man should have access to organize, easy-to-read inf…” I believe this should say “Organized”.

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