Why Haven’t I Seen the Penis Enlargement Results Everyone Else Has?

penis enlargement results

penis enlargement resultsIf you’ve poked around the PEGym forums, you’ve likely seen the thousands of posts we have from members talking about their success stories. Just start in our Success Forum to get an idea of just some of the posts I’m talking about.

But, despite all of the success stories, we still do get men who struggle with their penis enlargement journey.

Why haven’t I seen the penis enlargement results everyone else has?

It’s a question I get quite often, so let’s take a look at the most common reasons why one man gets awesome penis enlargement results and another man struggles.

  1. Consistency – Consistency is one of the biggest reasons why someone doesn’t get the results they’ve seen others get with penis enlargement. Whether you’re doing manual exercises, using a penis pump like Bathmate, or using an extender like the Phallosan Forte, or a combination of manual and devices, if you are not consistent in your exercise routine, you will not get the results you want, as quickly as possible.
  2. Proper Program – If you’re not doing the exercises or using devices best suited for your specific penis enlargement goals, then you’re not going to get the results you want, as quickly as possible.
  3. Intensity – I use the analogy of traditional exercises to help people better understand how penis enlargement exercises work – this is one of those times. If you went to the gym, 5 days a week, but only lifted 5 pound weights, you wouldn’t expect to get ripped. Your penis enlargement exercises have to be intense enough to create the microtears needed to facilitate new cellular growth.
  4. Frequency – If you aren’t getting the results others have gotten, with penis enlargement, think about your frequency. Are you exercising the proper amount of days per week (remember, rest days are important too!)? Are you doing the proper amount of reps and/or for the proper amount of time?
  5. Time – Have you allowed enough time to pass, with the right routine, at the right intensity, and the right consistency, to see measurable results? There is no permanent, instant penis enlargement. Pumps and supplements can give you a temporary size increase, due to increased blood in the penis; but only through repeated, consistent tissue expansion, over a long period of time, can this result become permanent..
  6. Your Unique Physiology – Every person is different. Your body’s unique resistance to change is a huge factor in how quickly you will see results, as well as how much of the other factors (intensity, frequency, etc.) you will need for effective and efficient penis enlargement results. I’m a huge fan of the show My 600-pound Life. There were 2 twins who pretty much did everything together – including eating exactly the same thing and did the exact same workout – and even though they were identical twins, they always lost weight at different rates. One twin always lost a couple more pounds than the other. So, even if you followed the exact same program, to a T, your unique physiology is going to make it so you see results faster or slower.

The important thing to remember is if you have #1 through #5 in order, you WILL see the penis enlargement results you want eventually. Don’t get discouraged and soon you’ll be writing your own Success Story!