The Perineum: Where is it? Is it an Erogenous Zone?

male reproductive systemTo get the most of your sexual health, it’s important to know a little anatomy. The perineum is one of those areas on the male body that many people aren’t quite sure where it is and what it includes.

Let’s demystify the perineum just a little.

Where is the Perineum?

When people here “the perineum” they often think of it simply as the region of skin between the testes and the anus. However, the perineum, technically, is a much larger region. The perineum on men is the region that includes:

  • The penis
  • The scrotum
  • The perineal muscles in the urogenital triangle (the muscles surrounding the penis and scrotum), and
  • The anal triangle (the anus and the ischioanal fossae, which are two wedge-shaped spaces between the skin around the anal canal and the pelvic diaphragm.)

The Perineum as an Erogenous Zone

Now, as I mentioned, most people think of the perineum as that skin between the anus and the testicles, and although that’s not all the perineum includes, that patch of the perineum is very sensitive and can be an erogenous zone for many men.

Kneading this area (with a knuckle – not a fingertip, to help avoid getting scratched) can be very pleasurable for a guy. Of course, as with any area of the body with lots of nerve endings, continuing the same stimulation for a long period of time can actually reduce the sensitivity. Therefore, it’s best to change up the stimulation – massaging in circles one way, then the other, then up and down, etc.. Right before orgasm, increasing pressure to this area can increase the intensity of the orgasm.

Of course, as with anything sexual, each person is unique. Talk with your partner. Experiment. Communicate what you like and what you don’t like. In the end, you’ll have a happier, more fulfilling sex life!

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  1. I agree, ZZman, and while most str8 guys won’t admit it, healthy anal play, including probing and oral /anal stimulation during sex can add enormous pleasure to sex for both guys & females. After all, reciprocity is what SEX is ALL ABOUT! If you’re bashful, or “afraid” (for whatever reason) to deny or discourage your partner from stimulating your perineum entirely…well ya just don’t know what you’re MISSING, guys! THIS can be mind-blowing!

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