Your First Penis Enlargement Workout Routine

Beginner's Penis Enlargement Workout Routine

This beginning penis enlargement workout is designed to maximize your growth within your first five weeks of penile exercise.

your first penis enlargement workout routine


There are countless penis enlargement routines floating around on the internet, from beginner routines to the highly advanced, and from sensible penis exercises to over-rigorous, potentially dangerous ones. We have found this routine to be the safest and healthiest starting point for your male enhancement gains.

Before you jump into any advanced penile exercises (such as bends, squeezes, clamping, etc), use the following routine for at least five weeks. This beginning penis enlargement exercise routine is designed to maximize your gains.

Going beyond the following routine too early often has the opposite effect of your goal — and sometimes can even cause temporary erectile dysfunction due to over-training.


During your first week performing penis enlargement exercises, take two days off between each workout.  Thereafter, do the following routine every other day:

  • 10 minutes of penis warm-up
  • 6 minutes of basic stretching
  • 10 minutes of jelqing (Remember to jelq in three second strokes.)

Also do:

  • Your Kegels at least three days a week, during your penis enlargement exercise workout.  Move up according to the suggested Kegel routine.


  • For steady growth, you’ll have to continually increase the intensity of your workout.  Accordingly, over five weeks time, move up to 25 minutes of jelqing and 10 minutes of stretching. This move up should be gradual.
  • As you move up and start modifying your routine, don’t forget to be deliberate about the order in which you do your exercises. Many men stretch first because it elasticizes the tissues in the penis, getting them ready to expand outward for gains in length and girth.
  • Before you move up in intensity, read sparkyx’s article: Physiological Indicators (PIs) to Help Growth!. It will allow you to maximize your gains, and dramatically reduce your chance of any over-training injury occurring.
  • Eventually, it’s important to find the penis enlargement exercise routine that works the best for you. Remember that less is more in the beginning, but if you’re not seeing or feeling any change after five or more weeks, you may want to change your workout up a little.


Here are a few more penis enlargement exercise routines to choose from. Remember, as you move forward toward finding the routine that works best for you, that each exercise can also be done separately. All of the routines in this article just serve as examples as to how you should typically organize your exercise schedule.

  1. A lighter beginner penis exercise routine: The alternative beginner routine, by babbis. Use this routine if you’re starting penile exercising with weak erections, if you don’t have a lot of time, or if you have sex or masturbate less than once a week.
  2. A more intense beginner penis enlargement routine: Here’s another alternative beginner routine, by JonPop.  We don’t necessarily suggest this routine to most new guys as it’s intense and some men already over-train with the traditional beginner’s routine listed here. That said, if after trying the traditional beginner’s routine for a few weeks you find that your erections are strong and your PIs are healthy, you can use this routine to increase the intensity.
  3. More advanced and beginner routines. You can find 8 different beginner and advanced routines in Exercising the Penis.
  4. Other possibilities: To see what routines other men have tried, check out our penis forum.

Like all tissue, the penis adapts, so even if you have a period of success with a great routine that you love, you may eventually need to explore adding to it or adapting it to ensure that you keep gaining.


As you become disciplined about working out your penis, don’t forget the rest of your body. According to Big Al, “By losing just 20 pounds of fat, you may increase the visible length of your penis by up to an inch.” Penis enhancement exercises are a great complement to a traditional exercise routine. Imagine being longer, thicker, stronger, harder, and with a toned body to match, all at once!

“The best part about these exercises is that they also serve to strengthen the penis, giving you more control over its function.”  — AJ “Big Al” Alfaro

This is the twelfth installment of the Penis Enlargement Guide.

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